More than half a million Android Wear watches sold


Today, Android Wear claims the top spot to be the most popular smart watch platform, with more than 500,000 smart watches sold.

According to Google Play, the Android Wear App, for the first time, shows more than 500,000 downloads. An Android Wear watch requires the Android Wear App in order to pair with a smart phone, so everyone with an Android Wear watch must download the app. However, if you do not have a watch, the app is useless, so no one should download the app if he/she does not have a watch. Thus, the number of app downloads should be a good approximation of how many Android Wear watches have been sold.

Back in March, it was reported that more than 400,000 pebble watches have been sold. Compared to Pebble, there are not only more Android Wear watches sold, but those sales also happened in a much shorter amount of time — a mere 5 months since its launch in July.

Although Android Wear leads today, it is widely expected that Apple Watch will shatter the record. Some estimates that Apple could sell 20 or 30 millions Apple Watches in the first year.

Some people still doubt that the smart watch market will take off, hopefully the Android Wear growth data provides a good counter argument. Another reason some are skeptical is because of their experience with simpler wearable devices, such as those activity trackers. Many people leave their tracker in drawers collecting dust after the novelty factor wears off. But I see smart watch is fundamentally different. With an open platform, creative developers will come up with interesting apps that increase the usefulness of the smart watches, and we all know that it is those novel apps that keep us engaged with the device. If you are looking for proof, check out our fitness app or golf app, which shows you some creative use of your watch. We see extremely high retention rate from users of our watch apps, compared to our phone app. I bet, once you discover a killer watch app, you will never think about putting your watch in the drawer again.


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